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EP: 18 Keeping Associates from Making Lateral Moves
EP: 18 Keeping Associates from Making Lateral Moves
Ep 17: David Oddo
Elizabeth Magazine, ESQ. and Todd Grama are joined by David Oddo, ESQ., a partner at the Manhattan based personal injury firm, Oddo & Babat.
Ep 17: David Oddo
Effects of Positivity
Elizabeth Magazine shares 10 ways to stay positive at work during difficult times.
Ep 16:  Elizabeth Magazine on Positivity
EM & EM Zoom Fatigue
Elizabeth Magazine speaks with Elisa Moss, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer at Momentum Funding, about Zoom call fatigue.
Ep 15: EM & EM Zoom Fatigue
Demesmin & Dover
Elizabeth Pekin interviews founding Demesmin is & Dover founding partners Jeremy Dover and Victor Demesmin.
Ep 14: Demesmin and Dover PLLC
Harvey R. Hirschfeld
Harvey R. Hirschfeld has been the President and Director of LawCash® since its inception. With over 35 years of experience in consumer and commercial lending, and financial administration, he is an expert in lawsuit funding. Harvey Hirschfeld is also the Chairman of American Legal Finance Association (ALFA) and helped found ALFA. Through its “Best Practices” and legislative efforts, ALFA reaches out to states and municipalities to promote its ideals of ethical pre-settlement funding and high-quality lawsuit funding. Harvey Hirschfeld is also Special Advisor to the Board of Esquire Bank and a director of Oritani Bank, (Nasdq – ORIT), in Washington Township, New Jersey.
Ep 13: Harvey R. Hirschfeld

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